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The Nürburgring is much more than just a racing track. It is an important part of international motor sport history and has by far the biggest fanbase of any racing track in the world. Every visitor has his own little story to tell about the Nürburgring and associates many emotional moments with his, with our, with everybody's Ring.

This page is dedicated to everybody who holds the Ring dear. We would like to provide answers to your questions that everybody can read afterwards at any time. The page is under construction but we are working on bringing your questions together here, and will answer them as soon as we can.

Your Nürburgring-Team

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Erhard says :
Weil mir der Ring seit 37 Jahren ans Herz gewachsen ist, ich liebe den Ring speziell die Nor...
am 26.10.2012
Alexandre says :
just the best track...with the best fans!! it's a huge big family gearhead lovers!
am 19.09.2012
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Friedhelm asks :

Dear Green Hell Friends,

as an old friend with more than 500 laps under my b...

am 25.10.2011
Wolfgang asks :
What if I suffer some kind of damage to my vehicle during the tourist rides and have to...
am 25.10.2011
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